New videos I'm working on....

Hey everybody! This is just an update on the videos im working on at the moment. Okay, so I have alot of videos recorded but I just wasnt sure on what I actually wanted to upload. I have a birthday haul video that i recorded a couple weeks ago, a DIY depotting my nyx jumbo pencil/reusing my wetnwild gel liner container, Ellin Lavar hair masque application and review, bantu knot out tutorial, and my morning makeup routine. I also have a long list of videos I am going to be working on. Sometimes I just get overloaded with so many ideas that Is just not enough hours in the day to actually record them. I am just soooo excited about getting these new videos out because since I have a new camera and I finally got my lighting where I want it now the quality of my videos will be alot better. So I hope you all are enjoying the current video and I just know you will love the new videos I have in store. Have a great day =D

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