Affordable pigments from Nvi cosmetics

Hello everyone!!!
Today I would like to give you a closer look at some pigments from NVI cosmetics, which is a cosmetic line started by my youtube sister Shaneilh. She is a really sweet woman who sends me these eyeshadows to feature in my youtube makeup tutorials. I really love her eyeshadows and they are all really affordable. Only $4.00 a pigment, she also gives you the option to customize your own stackable collections. Click here if you are interested in purchasing some of these amazing eyeshadows.

From left to right: cordial blue, aquatic, purple shimmer, chameleon, red clay
cordial blue: Sea foam greenish blue pigment. 

Cordial blue: nvi cosmetics
Aquatic: A pretty soft teal blue pigment with a low luster.

Aquatic: NVI cosmetics
Purple shimmer: NVI cosmetics

Purple shimmer: This is a beautiful shimmery purple with just the right amount of sparkle.
Red clay: NV.i cosmetics
Red clay: A Reddish Orange Pigment with Low Luster. This is a really pretty color. Just enough luster but not too shimmery.

Chameleon: A Reddish Brown with Green Undertones. This is such a gorgeous color, it has a red undertone with a teal iridescent finish.


  1. these are nice. I wish I used pigments more lol

    1. Thanks girl. I love these. you don't even need a base with them.