NEW glitters from Nvi cosmetics!

Hello all!
So today I want to show you some new glitters from NVI cosmetics. Which is a cosmetics line owned by fellow youtuber, Shaneilh. We will be doing a collab very soon and I wanted to show you the eyeshadows she sent me.
This is how the glitters look applied to my skin

Fall leaves: This color definitely reminds me of fall leaves. It has gold glitters, along with flecks of green and even a bit of orange. I love this glitter.

Imagination: This color has several different colors in it. It has red, blue, green and golds. It reminds me of party confetti. The colors are absolutely gorgeous and I have not seen any glitters like these before. I think this color would be gorgeous as a liner on the top lash line.

Midnight gold: This color is like no other glitter, point blank. It is a golden glitter with a little black in it to really deepen the color. I think this color would look awesome on a night out look.

The great thing about her site is she recently added the stack-able jars. So if you wanted to customize your own color combo you could use the stack-able jars instead of individuals.

Ocean surge: This color is an amazing blue and green glitter with some flecks of gold. Absolutely beautiful for the lower lash line. 

Sunset: This picture does the glitter no justice at all. It is this amazing yellow and orange glitter. It really does remind you of a sunset.

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