I have another hair tutorial coming for you ladies! I know you will love and enjoy this one because its quick, easy and cute.
In the pictures I am showing you different angles. If you want to find out how to achieve this hairstyle then head on over to my YouTube channel and subscribe. The video will be up real soon.

Here is the tutorial for this bun!

Here is another quick tutorial for an easy protective style!


Earring HAUL

Okay so I just wanted to show yall some earrings I got from my mama's house. My mama is just the best. She buys these cute earrings and give them to my sisters and I. I just love her to pieces, but enough of the rambling I will show you what she gave me.


Snack healthy!

Today's healthy breakfast and lunch!


Affordable pigments from Nvi cosmetics

Hello everyone!!!
Today I would like to give you a closer look at some pigments from NVI cosmetics, which is a cosmetic line started by my youtube sister Shaneilh. She is a really sweet woman who sends me these eyeshadows to feature in my youtube makeup tutorials. I really love her eyeshadows and they are all really affordable. Only $4.00 a pigment, she also gives you the option to customize your own stackable collections. Click here if you are interested in purchasing some of these amazing eyeshadows.

From left to right: cordial blue, aquatic, purple shimmer, chameleon, red clay
cordial blue: Sea foam greenish blue pigment. 

Cordial blue: nvi cosmetics
Aquatic: A pretty soft teal blue pigment with a low luster.

Aquatic: NVI cosmetics
Purple shimmer: NVI cosmetics

Purple shimmer: This is a beautiful shimmery purple with just the right amount of sparkle.
Red clay: NV.i cosmetics
Red clay: A Reddish Orange Pigment with Low Luster. This is a really pretty color. Just enough luster but not too shimmery.

Chameleon: A Reddish Brown with Green Undertones. This is such a gorgeous color, it has a red undertone with a teal iridescent finish.


NEW glitters from Nvi cosmetics!

Hello all!
So today I want to show you some new glitters from NVI cosmetics. Which is a cosmetics line owned by fellow youtuber, Shaneilh. We will be doing a collab very soon and I wanted to show you the eyeshadows she sent me.
This is how the glitters look applied to my skin

Fall leaves: This color definitely reminds me of fall leaves. It has gold glitters, along with flecks of green and even a bit of orange. I love this glitter.

Imagination: This color has several different colors in it. It has red, blue, green and golds. It reminds me of party confetti. The colors are absolutely gorgeous and I have not seen any glitters like these before. I think this color would be gorgeous as a liner on the top lash line.

Midnight gold: This color is like no other glitter, point blank. It is a golden glitter with a little black in it to really deepen the color. I think this color would look awesome on a night out look.

The great thing about her site is she recently added the stack-able jars. So if you wanted to customize your own color combo you could use the stack-able jars instead of individuals.

Ocean surge: This color is an amazing blue and green glitter with some flecks of gold. Absolutely beautiful for the lower lash line. 

Sunset: This picture does the glitter no justice at all. It is this amazing yellow and orange glitter. It really does remind you of a sunset.

Hot pink and glitters! A closer look

Hey yall!

Okay, I know that I haven't updated my blog in forever but I want to start showing my blog some more love. I will be posting closer looks and the products i like to use in my videos.

So this look that you see below is one of my latest makeup tutorials. I named it Hot pink glitters! I actually did a look like this before but I wanted to re-do it because I felt like i could do a whole lot better.

This is the glitter that I used to give the look that really nice sparkle. I've had this glitter for a year and I rarely get to use it. As you can see in the photo below its a lighter pink glitter so I thought it would look amazing on the eyes when the light hits it.

This is the eyeshadow I used to get that hot pink look. This pigment is from NVI cosmetics and its a gorgeous pink color. It has a blue undertone which may come off a little purple at certain angles. This pigment goes for only $4.00 on NVI cosmetics' website which is amazing because some of these shadows are better than MAC in my honest opinion.

If you want to check out the video of me showing you how to create this look here it is below:

I hope you enjoy and come back to visit again soon!