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A little about Li'l Ol' me

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Welcome to my blog. My name is Tameka and I'm just your average southern girl who enjoys makeup. I love to share my knowledge with women like myself. I really like inspiring women to try different things with makeup. When I was younger I was really insecure about everything about myself from my skin to how slim i was. I would always wear dark colors because I thought bright colors didn't look right on dark skin. (Crazy right? lol) Now you probably would be happy to know that I am completely secure and I love everything about myself, flaws and all. If you are interested in getting to know me a little more and would like to share inspiring stories then feel free to follow me on this journey. I don't know where this youtube and blogging thing will lead me but I will have fun doing it. Thanks for stopping by my blog, where working women come for beauty on a budget!

Thank you for stopping by!